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Getting started with developing web content

Step one is to determine the type of site you want to develop and additionally to have a good understanding of why you developing the website and what your goals are going to be. The content of a website is what drives your website, draws and keeps your audience. Identifying your website purpose and audience will create the composition of your content for your website. The process or trick is to prepare a set of content features that relate to your audiences activities, interests and concerns. Identifying as many viable options for top quality content is very important for the following reasons: Giving you the option of completely new content strategies, giving you options for capitalising on new markets. With all the research and analysis done you can determine the best content relating to relative keyword research and determining which content will give you the best KEI.

We use a 3 step strategic content web development process

Information We take a step back and research and evaluate the possible future of where your niche or industry is heading. We then identify where your company can benefit and your potential customers by supplying unique fresh content. Ideas This may sound bizarre, but it sure gets the desired results. We do a "change nothing analysis", and ask questions like; What opportunities are you currently missing out on? Are you achieving your objectives? What is your competition doing right or wrong? we then assess where your ROI should be coming from. Identifying where there is a gap in the market that your competition may not be focusing on and maximise that opportunity. Action Our idea of action and content is physically creating it, putting it on black and white. we create alternative variations of content focusing on different keyword scenarios. We assess there feasibility, relative keyword research and KEI. With all this information, we determine how many viable options or scenarios we have available. We then take the options that make the most sense and find deliverable ways to execute them.

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It is very important that website content is updated at least every 12 months.
Both search engines and your website visitors will find more relevant information this way.
All product and service pages should be current and up to date, ensuring that all you get are good reviews.

We create credible content

This three step process guarantees that SEO south Africa delivers high quality, legitimate, credible content to all our customers. Contact Seo South Africa for an in depth assessment so that we can determine the quality of your company's website content.

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