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Internet marketing is exactly what it states, marketing products, services or information on the internet.
Online marketing would qualify under the same terminology.
Internet marketing is way beyond what the average person or internet user may think.

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing is more than just having a web address with a website up and hosted by some company, there are millions of web sites set up like this on a daily basis. An Digital internet marketing strategy and campaign is critical to obtain desired goals in a very competitive internet or otherwise online market. It is worth finding your place in this very competitive internet marketing environment, options can be almost limitless. Using the internet as a platform you give yourself or your company the opportunity to reach clients way beyond the restrictions of your physical location, you can literally access anyone around the world.

Different avenues of digital marketing

In general there are four avenues of marketing on the internet: • SEO - Search engine optimisation obtained by organic searches on search engines and other web directories. • SEM – search engine marketing, which a paid version is amounting to costs per click (cpc). These are the sponsored ads which come up on search engine results. • Affiliate marketing is another option where you offer rewards to other websites for bringing people to you website. • Social media marketing – is one of the most popular and fastest growing internet marketing options available today.

Social Media Platforms

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter carry a lot of weight, because of users trusting recommendations from other friends. Facebook having a following of over 700 million and nearing ever closer to the one billion mark is a huge market sector, also remembering that this is an instant customer base (not like search engines which may take months to get the desired results). Contact SEO South Africa to discuss your comprehensive marketing strategy with our professional internet marketing team..

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