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There are two aspects to Google Adwords, one way is looking to earn money through Google Adwords. This is not one of our main objectives, with Google Adwords or SEO development in general.
If you were going this route your content would have to be unique and very credible to generate the amount of traffic to actually make profit out of Google Adwords.
We at SEO South Africa use Google Adwords as our main PPC (pay per click) application.
The good news is that Google Adwords is an advertising system used on google search pages and partner sites that aim to use google adwords to generate revenue.

This is how google Adwords Works

You build your own personalised text ad. You choose the keywords the campaign is to be associated with. These key words would relate to your ad and business type. When people search on google and one of your keywords have been used, your ad may appear next to the search results. this is pretty cool because now you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in you or or your companies offering.

Why Google Adwords works?

You can target more than one campaign helping you reach new audiences. You have greater control, by being able to edit your ad and target geographic locations and even language. you can also adjust your budget. There is no minimum spending requirement or time commitment and you are only charged when people click on your ad, bringing you new prospects.

What does Google Adwords cost?

Like we mentioned above there is no prescribed spending requirement. We can set a daily budget and set a maximum cost for the related keywords. With keyword traffic cost estimates, informed desisions can be made on how and where to maximise your budget. You get charged when someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad is displayed! This once again is a general overview of how Google Adwords and cost per click works. There is a technical side to it and that is where SEO South Africa comes into play. There are various factors like, setting bidding estimates to outbid a competitors challenging for the same top spot. Then your ad has to qualify with the minimum criteria for your bid and quality score. Google Adwords adverts are displayed in three areas on google search pages on the top 3 positions of every search page. the column to the right of the google search page. the three positions below the 10 orgainc search results on google search page. Contact SEO South Africa for an in depth analysis of a google adwords campaign, determining your budget and management costs.

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