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This is some general information on how to improve your SEO campaign ultimately improving your search engine ranking.

Remember if you not on page 1 of the top search engines it does not count!

Page 1 (the first 10 results) on searches receive 89.71% of click through traffic Page 2 (second 10 results) receives 4.3% Page 3 receives 2.42% Page 4 receives 1.07% The other search results combined receives less than the remaining 1% of traffic. If your website is business oriented then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should matter a great deal to you. Unless your website is already in the top couple of results in the major search engines, chances are you´d like to do better regardless of where your site stands at the moment.

Here follow SEO tips and tricks for beginners

Please note that this list is in no particular order. These tips and tricks are just some seo techniques. Please contact SEO South Africa for an website audit. Content is king, so make sure you have unique, up to date relevant content. Do keyword research, make sure your keywords have got high search volume, ideally with low competition for the key word. Focus on keyword phrases rather than single or short keywords, long tail keywords will get you found easier. Use the keywords in your text links (anchor text) the more relevant the better the results. Make "" your preferred site. in other words redirect "" with a 301 redirect. If you have any home page links, index.html, point them to Frames and Flash are best not to be used on any pages you planning to optimise, if so make sure you have credible content on the page. Blog, Blog, Blog, especially if your website content does not change often, spiders love fresh content. Link building is long term and is all about quality and not quantity check the reputation and page rank of websites you looking to get links from. Make sure your website is easy to use. Create CTA's, without call to action pages your seo efforts may all lead to nothing Add "ALT tags" to your images make sure your images are named to optimise seo image searches. Understand how social media marketing works, its a big part of seo development. SEO is all about: Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation!

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