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February 9, 2017
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SEO South Africa | Competitive Analysis

This is possibly one of the tougher divisions of Seo web development.

There are many variables making up a companies competitive web analysis and if possible, if you in the position its s best to do the competitive web analysis as one of your first priorities.

Either way it is something that has to be addressed especially if it was not part of you initial web development process.

This could have far reaching results within your web development architecture and structure, but rather do it now than later.

We check the top ten positioned competitor websites on search engines, relative to the keywords describing your company and industry fields the best.

We then do an in depth competitors analysis on the top ten competing websites. This will include detailed attention to their landing pages and overall design. we will check how many and who links back to them.

The five steps we implement with Competitive Analysis

  • Identify the competitors
  • Analyse the keywords the are targeting
  • Analyse the competitor back links and page rank
  • Get the competitors traffic analysis
  • Analyse there popularity with social media and the internet

We need your assistance to gather market intelligence about your competitors. You know you business and sector best. You also know who your closet competitors are. The more data and information you can supply us, the more effective we can be.

There are three types of competitors to consider:

  • Direct competitors – those in the direct market producing the exact same product or services as you.
  • Indirect competitors- those supplying the same sector with alternative options to your product or service.
  • Future competitors – to be aware of new competitors entering the market and analysing their marketing tactics.

What we find out about your competitors

  • Competitor objectives- Are they implementing a rapid growth strategy? What marketing tactics are they using?
  • Struggling competitors- Are there competitors with struggling finance who are limited with cash flow presently? A perfect opportunity.
  • Competitors assumptions – how do competitors assume the current market place? Where are the opportunities?
  • Competitors resources and capabilities – How will competitors respond to your competitive threat?

Contact SEO South Africa for a competitive web analysis report. Find out what is giving your competition the competitive edge!

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