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At SEO South Africa we oversee the whole process of web development from conception to delivery of the desired end product.
To make this process seamless and as proficient as possible, we obtain all the needed information from the start.
This saves us and the client time, enabling us to make the dead lines and additionally saving the client money and completing the project within the budget.

Your Online Marketing Strategy

would include, but not limited, to the following:

Development of a new Search Engine Friendly website Keywords research and Analysis Competitive Analysis of the top websites targeting the same keywords Creating SEO website pages throughout the entire website Providing fresh content throughout the entire website Providing new, content rich web pages to the website, on a timely basis Implementation of a Link Building Strategy Implementation and Management of a Social Network Marketing Strategy Google Website Analytics and providing monthly reports on progress of website

Description of how South Africa SEO approaches a website

Imagine your website as being a racing car in Nascar the USA.

We start with the engine (search engine optimization) and determine on what and where are we going to compete for keywords (keyword research). Once we have established this we can tune the engine to optimum performance. Now we can establish who the client will be and add the finishing touches to the style of the driver / customers (Professional Design with a fresh look and easy navigation, allowing a pleasant end user experience). Now we have determined the engine, the competitor's track that we will be on, and the driver. Now time for aerodynamics, let's shave off a couple of kilo's to speed up that load time (re sizing images and simplifying the code). All we have to do is to add some jet fuel by creating a loyal following by creating blog and forums(social networking to spread the word and help to encourage relevant traffic to your site). You ready to race and take on the best! As in any competitive industry like Nascar there is always maintenance and upkeep. New algorithms and tweaks appear monthly, actually there are updates in this industry every week, so to stay competitive you have to have a good service and maintenance plan. It will typically take up to six months to get your site to page 1 on google (being in the top ten places for relevant keywords).

Well Developed Website

Search engines are constantly improving their results by providing the "best" possible results, the top search engines have a very good idea of the kinds of pages and sites that satisfy the end user. This is what well developed websites have in common: • Easy to use, navigate, and understand. • Provide direct, actionable information relevant to the query. • Professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers. • Deliver high quality, legitimate, credible content. Contact Seo South Africa to develop your company's online web presence, you know you going t get the full package.

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